Wendy S.

Received the painting today it is just more beautiful than I ever could imagine you are truly blessed with a huge talent.  I cannot wait to give this to my husband

Anand and Maya Irimpen MD

Mrs. Lily Illickal, visiting from Syosset, New York, exclaimed, "Michael, your name should be MIRACLE!!"  I think that was well said. And she said it for all of us.

Chairpersons, Jewels of New Orleans 2014 HarryTompsonCenter Gala

Carolyn Snodgrass

I shared your talent on my Facebook wall. I loved it so much! Very refreshing to watch, God has blessed you with this gift and I was very touched by your performance

Gary G

I first met Michael at a show in Las Vegas. Since then we have done several shows together. One in particular was for GM. It was for the reopening of one of their plants, and Michael created a special design that he performed/painted live on stage at the plant. Once the painting was complete, and the image revealed, the General Manager of that plant ran up on stage and hugged Michael. He got paint all over his white dress shirt, and then he ripped off the shirt to reveal a tee shirt with the design Michael had just painted on the front. He then said, "We have one of these shirts for each of you"! You should have heard that place go nuts! Just one of the grand slams Michael has hit for us!

Carol G

Michael Israel is amazing. You can see and feel his heart and soul in all of his beautiful artwork and his passion. He is a giver and genuinely cares about humanity. A gifted man blessed by God spreading Peace and Love through his hands.

Caren Levey V.

I am always amazed by your talent and generosity!!I will forever be one of your biggest fans!!!

Keke A.

I love you work I'm at a loss for words to explain how incredibly beautiful your work is. I told you before I'm an artist but I've been out of it for a little while. but you have inspired me to get back into it and that's exactly what I'm going to do. you are so amazing and someday our paths will cross

Sasha W.

It was an absolutely mesmerizing show that Michael put on for Unicorn. The music coordinating with the art and lighting combined makes for a positive emotion experience. A very talented and gifted Artist who also helps those in need.

Chad S.

Michael your work is unbelievable and inspiring. Thank you for being a positive influence to all..

Anthony C.

Hopefully you will be needing my tax reduction ideas soon.

Bert V.

Michaels work is amazing and heartfelt! He performed at the Florida Professional Firefighters Convention several years ago and left an unforgettable impression with all the Firefighters." Through his inspirational art pieces he was able to honor our brothers and sisters who put their lives on the line and for those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Mary Beth G.

Superb work!!!

Tina T.

Unique and very expressive art. The people he paints have a genuine likeness and visually come alive!

Ivone L.

Love his art! Excellent artist

Jennifer S.

Michael Israel is a breath of fresh air. His art is about giving. He truly cares about making this world a better place. Get to his show as soon as you can to experience the love and talent

Steven Alembik W.

Truly fascinating & breathtaking

Pia C.

We have your chef and child that my husband has very generously hung outside the culinary Centre ..everyone stops to look at the magnificence of the painting! It is so endearing to know that culinary skills are actually passed from one generation to the next all tying not just recipes but the memories that go with it. We love the way you've captured the essence..love your work admire your generosity and applaud your passion.

Teresa K.

Watching this man put emotions on canvas is quite possibly the most moving thing you can see. You watch in wonder, are moved to tears of joy and sometimes sadness. Truly breath taking.

Susan F.

The first time I met Michael was at A Make A Wish Gala!! He blew me away when he painted hero, I had chills and tears .. I got the privilege the first year to purchase a Marilyn Monroe ... The next year I got Steven Tyler !!! It was a great honor to meet him and see his work live !!! Those years I was blessed financially , to me they are priceless ... He's as nice on the inside as he looks on the outside lol!!! I'm a painter myself , I know how hard it is for him to stay in shape just to be able to do those paintings live... He puts a lot of love in his work... Thank you from my heart Michael Israel for all you do to help especially the Little Children of the World , red , yellow, black or White they are all the same to you !!! ????????????

Sherri P.

Michael Israel your art is so amazing, powerful, emotional, watching you always makes me cry but in a good way. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift.

Linds R.

Excellent show, excellent artwork!!

Amy A.

Have one of your earliest original pieces and have been following you and your phenomenal art work! I definitely recommend everyone in the art industry to not only appreciate what you do but pay it forward! We love you Michael Israel ...God Speed!

Anthony B.

Great evening of entertainment and inspiration ! I highly recommend seeing one of Michaels events!


You're truly a great artist and performer. I enjoyed your show at the Gala of Hope at Fort Lauderdale. Your work is amazing!


Michael is a fantastic artist and a remarkable man with a charitable heart!

Sharon K.

Michael Israel has been an incredible support to the 100 Club of Arizona. We are so grateful for his contributions beyond the 40th Anniversary event in 2008. His passion and talent continues to benefit our organization. He is so much more than an entertainer!

Christine G.

My company, OneMain Financial formerly CitiFinancial has hired Michael to perform at our annual Incentives event twice, in 2008 and in 2015. Michael has left our attendees in awe of his performances. The music and the paintings are just truly amazing, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats until the painting is complete. Michael's demeanor embraces the crowd and his creativity and professionalism creates the perfect show. I highly recommend Michael if you are looking for entertainment to really take your event up a notch! Thank you, Michael!

Jenna H.

We saw Michael perform at the Payton Wright Gala. He was amazing. Great night!

Michael S.

I was first introduced to Michael Israel in NYC when he did a post 911 "Steven Siller" run. I thought wow that's amazing what he created! A few years later my wife and I decided he was going to do our wedding photo embellishment. Michael Israel meet with me and we discussed options, he also showed me his set up! He took time out of his busy schedule and day to meet with us! Anyway he created an awesome masterpiece that we will post shortly. It came out awesome!! Simply amazing talented creative artist Michael Israel is! I recommend everyone to own a piece of Michael Israel!

Debby C.

Thank you so very much for the AMAZING picture you painted of My dad GLEN CAMPBELL!!! LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! And it brought in amazing money for much needed research and finding a cure for Alzheimer's. Can't wait to see the one you are doing for me! 🙂 God Bless You Michael.

Sarp K.

Best show on earth. High energy, entertaining and engaging for a very good cause. We cannot wait to see your show again. Thank you for all you do for non-profit organizations Michael.

Rich M.

Michael's shows are absolutely electrifying! He has done some intense work that is very inspirational. I have one of his paintings and it's one of my favorites.

Henry G.

Artist and Humanitarian, Michael may paint with his hands and mind, but is driven by his heart. It is my true pleasure to be able to call him my friend.

Vincenza S.

Michael, Thank you so much for your 9/11performance at Pine Crest School. You inspired all the students, faculty and parents. It reminded us all how important it is to stand united and help one another. Everyone loved the posters you generously donated. Thanks again for all that you do.

Dee M

I lost it and started crying the mediately but then when I saw the end and I saw the illumination I am never in my entire life the chills and goosebumps throughout my entire body you never cease to amaze

Staci K

....this is so pure....Michael, you have touch the rawness of the colors n made them live!

Julianna E

Oh my heart. Amazing Michael.

Betsy M.

How fantastic you are!!!!! I knew you were good....but THIS is truly amazing.....proud you are my fb friend!!!!!

Glenn L.

Michael, it is truly beautiful what you do, and even more beautiful what you do it for.....all the best

Julie H.

AMAZINGggggg as always

Jody G.

OMG you are like warrior when you paint! Loving Taylor Swift and the pictures are precious! !! Such a fan!

Daniela W.

Hi Micahel, i just saw it and LOVE it as EVERYTHING else you do...you have a Magic touch!

Mindy S.

Just watched you spot on Fox...gave me the goosies.....you are something else Michael Israel....You must love from the bottom of your toes......and then some!!!

Jennifer B.

When I saw the Wrights...I knew it was ok for me to watch...AMAZING!!! PS I LOVED that Mr. Wright pulled the covers 🙂 Kudos to you for always bringing it. I hope someone does the same for you because you deserve it!!! 🙂 PS 1 painting was more beautiful than the next!!! 🙂

Codi G.

You are unbelievable. An artist, a lovely human- with one amazing and deep soul. Thank you for using your art to inspire others, to create awareness, and to force passion within.

Julie W.

Absolutely loved it! Beautifully composed. Such a touching tribute. You are a true inspiration Michael.

Graziela F.

Is a mixture of deep sadness, hurt, pain and love....unconditional eternal love.

Debbie L.

Inspiring and powerful! Thank you for sharing your gifts as an artist with the students and faculty of Pine Crest School on September 11 and for helping us to honor our local First Responders who were visiting with the students on this important day.

Dr. Dana M.

Your unbelievable talent and love for what you do is all-inspiring. The students were mesmerized at the important message that was given with your program.

Michael P.

By far one of the best displays of artistic creativity I've ever seen!!! I can't wait to experience Michael's artwork again!!!