Artist of 6-foot-tall Trump painting RIPS media for not focusing on the charity - Michael Israel

Artist of 6-foot-tall Trump painting RIPS media for not focusing on the charity

Michael Israel Art Studios Statement

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-11-59-47-amEarlier we told you how that Washington Post’s story of a 6-foot-tall painting of Donald Trump painted during a fundraiser was a big nothingburger, but it gets worse for the media who are covering it non-stop.

Well, the artist behind the painting — Michael Israel — took to his blog to rip the media for focusing more on the painting and nothing on the charity the $20,000 went to help.

Jeryl Bier @JerylBier
Here’s the painter Michael Israel on that 6-foot painting of @realDonaldTrump: …
8:33 AM – 15 Sep 2016
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Some excerpts…

The name of the charity is “Home Safe“:

I’m sadly disappointed the focus has not been on the artwork’s intended purpose of helping Home Safe’s mission to prevent violence, protect victims of child abuse and domestic violence, and prepare children and families for safer, more productive lives.
Israel does a lot of work for charities and isn’t political:

I do a lot of charity fundraisers, and patriotic tributes to soldiers, police, and firefighters… even Presidential portraits but always focus on America and not on politics.
And he ended the post with this uplifting message:

Today, with all that is going on in America and the rest of the world, I am especially disappointed that the media has not given attention to HomeSafe and my patriotic performances and inspirational charitable artwork.

All of us in America could use some uplifting. We need less fighting among ourselves and more focus on America, and life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all people! : )

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  • Ethan Marek

    Michael Israel Art Studios Statement

    Trump Painting Saves Abused Women and Children!

    Michael Israel, a famous speed painter, is renowned for using his art to bring attention and money to worthy causes.

    Surrounding the now famous Trump painting, on the night in question, 5 artworks were painted on stage then auctioned to benefit Home Safe, a charity that prevents and protects women, children, and infants from abuse. 5 artworks painted, 6 artworks SOLD! Melania Trump won the bid for a portrait of Donald.

    The controversy? Home Safe charity was paid with a Trump Foundation check. If the Trumps kept the painting for themselves, for instance, in their home, it would be self-serving. It is our understanding the mission of charitable foundations is to give money to help charities. They did! The money paid for the painting did help prevent and protect children and women from abuse. Now with all the media attention, the artwork’s place in history is assured and it is likely an excellent artwork investment for the Trump Foundation (If the Foundation kept it) or any charity the Trump Foundation might have donated it to!

    A personal message to Donald and Melania Trump,

    THANK YOU for your support of Home Safe… and my work! I have more for sale 😉

    Live in Color!

    Michael Israel

    P.S. – President Obama and Hillary Clinton have talked about my 6-ft painting… I wonder if they would like me to paint a 6-ft portrait for them too! If you speak with either, please let them know they might get a deal on my work at a sanctioned charity event or a painting can be commissioned at my standard rate by contacting my studio

    P.P.S. I am thrilled my art has once again hit the world’s stage! I am thrilled it has made more of a positive difference in people’s lives than simply matching the couch. I am dismayed but unfortunately not surprised it is being used to make negative statements as well.

    P.P.P.S. My art is pro-America and hugely patriotic! I paint tributes to Freedom, First Responders, Police, Military, and important causes!

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