Advisors Excel on USS Midway - Michael Israel

Overwhelming Power and Grace On Board the USS Midway!

Visit and Relive the life US Marines & Sailors Living and fighting the USS Midway Museum!

Even the greatest has to retire someday. Now, you have a spectacular opportunity to experience the majestic grandeur and the immense size and power of the US military aboard the USS Midway! Truly you will be left awe-inspired!

Even better, if you are really lucky, you might catch a live Art in Concert “Speed Painting” performance on the aircraft carrier’s top deck by renowned artist Michael Israel. Michael has performed there on occasion to honor the spirit of the men and women who serve and to raise funds to care for the families they have left behind giving their lives defending our way of life.

After years of sterling service there comes a time for any naval vessel when it has reached the end of its useful life. So what happens next? Well at this time, the question arises is what’s to be done with the ship. This is where US Navy vessels are placed in reserve, some vessels are sold to foreign navies, some are scrapped, but particularly illustrious or eminent vessels are sometimes made in museum ships!

Now if you like ships the USS Midway Museum is the place to be. This is a wonderfully restored WWII carrier that has been totally restored to its former glory by a lot of local Navy guys. From the first step on the deck, you’ll feel in love with this place. If it has been your dream to stand one day on the carrier’s deck, touch aircraft, walk the runway now is the time.

An exemplary example of strength and prestige the USS Midway is an aircraft carrier that served the US Navy. The ship was launched and laid down during the WWII, but was commissioned just after the war ended. After a long and distinguished career, USS Midway was decommissioned 1992. In January 2004, the ship was moored at Broadway Pier in San Diego, California, and in June of the same year, she opened to the public as a museum.

USS Midway Museum is a very nice and excellent place for those interested to view the olden day’s air jet. From the historical aspect its really fascinating. As you wander through this ship, get a firsthand feel of how life would have been, how the Marines fought and were lost here.

Special Operations Warrior Foundation

It’s a sad truth that it takes brave men and women prepared to give their lives to defend our homes and families. But, what about their families? Modern times have witnessed umpteen cases of families who’ve been left by either the father or the mother, or on the worst case both parents. And to make things bad the yearning for parental love becomes more apparent with the coming of the holidays, that is why there is a need for support organizations and non-profit groups which exist to help families who are going through these trials.

“Special Operations Warrior Foundation”  is one such non-profit group and support organization there to help such families emotionally, morally, and most importantly financially. As times become very hard for those who don’t have parents, and they exist to assist and help ease the burden in ways they can offer.

So if you are one of them or have come across such families undergoing a difficult situation especially during a festive season or some special occasion, this is where support organizations and non-profit groups provide assistance. “Special Operations Warrior Foundation” provides full scholarship grants and educational and family counseling to children of special operations personnel who die in operational or training missions and immediate financial assistance to severely wounded special operations personnel and their families.

Although a warrior in battle might be willing to give his or her life, they also might hesitate to worry about not being there for their families, this is why these organizations are so important to help relieve the worry a warrior in battle  families needn’t worry much nowadays because of organizations such as Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Since their inception, their support has made life much easier for such children. Since there are people who are willing to donate, volunteer and help families who are in dire need, this support organization always will go a long way!

Title: Habitat for Humanity

Hey, wanna build a real house? …for real people who need your help?

Did you ever think of what it is to volunteer? Artist Michael Israel builds homes with just a paintbrush… we will mention that a little later.

Honestly, it’s a really wonderful thing since you can serve people and bring a positive impact in the world. As you’re working towards helping others and bringing them together, it means you can be greatly satisfied from within. Many people don’t realize, but the experience one gets is not normal its an exchange of feelings emotions, and as a volunteer, you are a recipient as well!

Michael’s busy schedule makes it hard for him to be there to build the homes, but he does magnificent shows to inspire people and lets Habitat for Humanity sell his artwork to raise money to build those homes. If you can’t be there to build homes, you can contribute in other ways and help people who are not as fortunate. Nevertheless, an experience with Habitat for Humanity will enrich your life in ways you probably haven’t yet imagined.

Now with an organization such Habitat for Humanity, you can inculcate leadership skills, improve your communication, and get in touch with licensed professionals, learn new skills, and much more. Volunteers also learn many intricacies about construction while working on different projects. With all this learning you’ll become a more dedicated, caring, and valuable person and feel confident about yourself. If you look at the bigger picture, what you are doing doesn’t have the greatest impact on your life, its the person you’ll become after the entire transition is over.

Since you’re a volunteer, get ready to meet new friends get in touch with like-minded and positive people, this not only motivates one but makes them think their life is worth something; you’ll surely be happy. For example, volunteering at Habitat for Humanity, you can make presentations to promote the club, design a flyer or banner for a fundraising event, or contribute an article or blog to some website. These newly acquired skills can help pave the path for much better things for your career in the near future!

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