Jewels of New Orleans - Harry Tompson Center - Michael Israel

Jewels of New Orleans Benefiting The Harry Tompson Center for the Homeless

Please visit or contact to learn more about the center or make a donation.

It’s always best to learn about our program from someone who has had it for their event:

“Everyone is raving about it. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done to make this the most spectacular event the Harry Tompson Center has EVER had (many are telling me this) plus one that has raised more money than any other gala. So thank you, but also, congratulations!”-Vicki Judice, Executive Director, The Harry Tompson Center

Dear Michael, 

It was a real treat to meet you,  and to meet the Michael Israel team, on the weekend of March 15!  Thank you for sharing your gift!  The Harry Tompson Center Gala rocked! Our good friends and gala co-chairs, the Blakeman’s, have really done a tremendous thing by encouraging us to invite you!The Newspapers here have carried a page of photographs and covered the gala very well, in their abbreviated way. I think that it has been quite an eye-opener for the community. Our day shelter for the homeless has a positive outlook for the future.  People have already told us how they’re going to contribute more next year.  Hope those resolutions remain strong!When the funds raised by your amazing, colossal  performance are added to  those raised by our Gala sponsorships, donations, silent and live auctions, we have very nearly attained our goal of $150,000, falling a little more than $10,000 short.  (We had wanted to raise one third of the total annual cost of running the center).  All in all, it was fun, it was uplifting, it was completely different, it raised everyone’s interest, it brought our local officials and celebrities, and hopefully we will have equally successful, energizing galas in the future.Mrs. Lily Illickal, visiting from Syosset, New York, exclaimed, “Michael, your name should be MIRACLE!!”  I think that was well said. And she said it for all of us.We hope YOU enjoyed the “610 Stompers”, the “Peter Claver Gospel Choir”,  The New Orleans Ragtime n’ Dixieland band, the New Orleans Storyville Brass Band with the second line, and our fine Cuisine, all quite unique to New Orleans. Can we entice you to become a New Orleanian?Michael, you made everyone feel good… even our surprise guest, Evander Holyfield!!

Thank you for your faith and encouragement, for coming out to New Orleans to help us out with fundraising for homeless people. I look around at them and think …sure, this could happen to me. Mother Teresa said the foul smells and the infected tissues would be turn offs, except they they are Jesus in disguise.

Please know that this is a note of gratitude from my husband Anand, and myself. This is not an analysis of the evening or of the financial outcome.  A heartfelt thanks to you for what you do, and who you are.

In Christ,

Anand and Maya Irimpen MD,
Jewels of New Orleans
2014 HarryTompsonCenter Gala
Live in Color!

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