United Way Live United In Color - Michael Israel
United Way Live United In Color

Live United In Colour

Dan Koval, West Chester DOES | 09/20/2013

The United Way has been helping unite people and mobilize resources to build better lives and stronger communities for what seems to be forever, but to do this they themselves need help.

On the evening of Thursday Sept 19th at Penn Oaks Golf Club in West Chester The United Way of Chester County hosted Live United In Colour that featured an artist that has been called Cirque du Soleil meets Picasso, Michael Israel. Many community businesses and groups stepped up to help The United Way present this event including Citadel, Penn Oaks and Legacy Planning Partners who were presenting and lead sponsors respectively along with VIP Reception, Creativity, Table, Corporate Ad Sponsors and In-Kind Contributors. A DOES neighborhood partner Visual Perceptions Photography offered their services for the evening. According to Tony and Elaine Babcock it was not work, but a joy to be able to give back to the community that they love and gratifying to see an artist with the kind of following and celebrity who is as humble and giving as Michael.

The evening kicked off with a cocktail hour(s) where V.I.P. ticket holders got to have their photo taken with Michael Israel and speak briefly with the artist. Enthusiastic donors gladly gave to have a chance to be photographed with Michael, dine on gourmet food and watch something that amazes even the most jaded art critic.

During diner attendees were entertained by three gentlemen called “The Three Waiters” who actually had the crowd fooled at first having them think that they were actually servers and employees of the country club. The music had some crying over a song that triggered a memory, clapping along to a favorite operatic aria or laughing at the antics of “The Italian”, “The Frenchman” and the good old “American Boy”.

After dinner was an auction of items that included items such as 4 tickets to 2014 Phillies Season Diamond Club with VIP parking, Golfers Baskets that included threesomes or foursomes to the area’s best golf course such as Applecross or even Aronimink, a signed & framed Carlos Ruiz Phillies print and wine lovers baskets that included bottles painted and signed by Michael Israel himself.

Then approx. 250 people made their way down the red carpet to a tent where Michael Israel painted five canvases that included, John Lennon, Albert Einstein, The Statue of Liberty, Marilyn Monroe and Mohammad Ali. Once the paintings were completed a bidders auction began where the highest bidder by which happened to be $60,000 got their pick of canvases of which the couple chose the Statue of Liberty, the Einstein canvas went for $25,000 and Marilyn, Lennon and Ali all went to bidders…  Along with waiving his event fee Michael Israel donated over $300,000 worth of artwork to The United Way.

As the attendees were leaving smiles and astonishment of Michael’s ability was permeating the air as cars and limos were driving away, but the fact that more people will be helped will be the end result.

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Penn Oaks Gold Club – Awesome venue!

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