President Donald J Trump Portrait - Michael Israel

The Most Famous Presidential Portrait Ever is Missing!

by: Stephene Renee Hosey

Never before in history has a well-intentioned work of art, created 10-years before a Presidential election, become a powerful beacon used to sway public perception like the portrait of Donald J. Trump. The portrait was painted in only minutes by internationally recognized artist, Michael Israel during a live art performance and is considered a missing masterpiece. 

Speed painter Michael Israel, white shirt, poses at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida in front of a painting he made of Trump. Trump spent $20,000 that belonged to his charity — the Donald J. Trump Foundation — to buy the six-foot-tall portrait. (Michael Israel)

Speed painter Michael Israel, white shirt, poses at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida in front of a painting he made of Trump in 2007.

Ten years ago, it wasn’t about a Presidency; it was about art for charity. Every brushstroke and splash of paint were intended to protect women and children from abuse. The painting was created to raise money and awareness for Homesafe charity, located in Palm Beach County, Florida, whose mission is to protect women and children who have suffered the traumas of abuse.

Categorically, one could truthfully say, that some of the most powerful people and organizations on earth rallied behind the masterpiece without care or thought of the artwork’s good and pure intent. In the months leading up to the 2016 Presidential election, worldwide media, the current President of the United States, and the former Secretary of State, used a story of a mysteriously, nowhere to be found, paint-splashed charitable canvas depicting President-Elect Trump as a major talking point intended to derail Donald Trump’s via for the Presidency instead of showing his charitable goodwill or at least the nobility of the artwork’s purpose for charity. ”You just can’t make this stuff up,” says the painting’s creator, Michael Israel.

6-foot-tall painting

President Obama mentions 6-ft Painting during his address to America.

The painting and the artist, well-known for his patriotic and charitable work, have been unwittingly entangled in this controversy which has been written about and broadcast on nearly every major and minor news platform around the world. President Obama used remarks about the 6-ft painting to sway support during his Presidential address in Philadelphia on September 13, 2016. Soon after, Secretary Hillary Clinton made mention of the artwork, again, in October, also in an attempt to sway voters during the third nationally televised Presidential debate.

The controversy was not about the magnificent 6-ft artwork itself depicting a larger-than-life icon but was a deplorable and blown out of proportion attempt to bring into question whether or not the purchase was properly documented for charitable purposes.

Face the Flames

“Face the Flames” a favorite Michael Israel masterpiece.

Michael Israel is chivalrously unique, different from other artists, in that his artworks are created in mere minutes during an eye-opening impassioned and chaotic frenzy of paint, before live audiences, in rhythm to synchronistic music that instantly results in works of genius with messages depicting the noblest aspects of American beliefs and humanity itself. 

He has painted at Presidential Dinners and Galas, on the Olympic Medals stage in Salt Lake City and even created a portrait of billionaire investor Warren Buffet that raised $100,000 for charity; however, Israel’s most intense passion humbly resides in painting the most poignant and breathtaking moments in U.S. History including “Hero” a 9/11 tribute that has garnered over 14 million combined fans and views on  YouTube worldwide.

Firefighters hoisting Old Glory at Ground Zero, Special Olympians celebrating their victories, bald eagles soaring in the blue, police, firefighters, Marines, and Navy SEALS are all motifs and beneficiaries of world renowned artist, Michael Israel who has been painting America’s forgotten heroes and patriotic American images for more than four decades.

Michael’s life-long mission closely aligns with the words of President-Elect, Donald J. Trump rings true, “They will be forgotten no more.” 


New President Donald J Trump portrait.

We choose to remember important people and important times through great works of art and Israel’s work has become an enduring part of pop-culture and helped to capture an era of America’s essence for time immemorial. His work depicts the most altruistic and important views of humanity receiving standing ovations from live audiences as large as a stadium of 70,000. Many of Israel’s works are so emotional moving that tears stream down viewer’s faces; seldom, if ever, are their criticisms for these masterpieces that reach deeply with heartfelt truths. 

His Donald J Trump artwork is both thematically patriotic, historically significant and timeless as his brush strokes have prophetically captured one of our most prominent American figures ten years before him taking the world’s center stage as America’s next President.

Regarding the art, the artist, and the President, will there be a new, official inaugural Presidential portrait of Donald J. Trump painted? Americans, Donald J Trump supporters, and Michael Israel fans and collectors certainly hope so. 

“All art has this characteristic – it unites people” – Leo Tolstoy.

It’s time to use Michael’s art for it’s intended purpose of good, let us not lose this great moment to unify all Americans on January 20, 2017.

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