It's Here! Featured On The Cover of The New Edition of Simply The Best Magazine! - Michael Israel

It’s Here! Featured On The Cover of The New Edition of Simply The Best Magazine!

Hot off the press! Get your special edition Simply The Best Magazine featuring hand painted original cover art by Michael Israel.

“15-minutes of fame” apparently is now 7-minutes, six-foot, and painted by Michael Israel.

By Deby Goldfarb

It’s almost impossible to not have heard the name Michael Israel. Andy Warhol’s “15-minutes of fame” apparently is now 7-minutes, six-foot, and painted by Michael Israel.

• Recently, Michael’s painting of Donald Trump has been front page news. President Barack Obama commented about the painting during his speech in Philadelphia while campaigning for Hillary Clinton.

Michael Israel has created a paradigm shift in live art and the art of life. Read on and learn about an amazing opportunity to acquire one of today’s masterpieces for a modest price.

Michael first painted live in 1974 and has made headlines ever since. He painted a portrait of Warren Buffett in 10 minutes for the opening of the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders meeting in Omaha; it sold for $100,000 on Ebay benefiting Girls Inc. of Omaha.

Michael has shared stages with and painted for many celebrities including Kevin Costner, Garth Brooks, Gary Sinise, Steven Tyler, Jay Leno, Bruce Springsteen, President George W. Bush, President Barack Obama, and others.

Millions of dollars of his artwork have been sold in America and overseas and Michael has directed much of the revenue to benefit worthy causes. His success did not come by way of traditional galleries and museums nor via the aid of art critics.

Although he prefers not to be labeled a “speed painter”, once you’ve seen him in action, creating dazzling works of art in minutes, you will undoubtedly think the name is appropriate. How does he produce such lifelike works of art so quickly? He attributes his skills to years of martial arts training and years of painting. To paraphrase a quote by Liam Neeson, “Michael has a very particular set of skills; skills he has acquired over a very long career.” It is these skills that make him an anomaly even among the most outrageous artists. Michael is the first to say that his frenzied wild show is choreographed and crafted to capture the viewers’ attention long enough for his message to reach their hearts.

“Artists,” Michael said,”stretch the boundaries.” He referred to the genius of Michelangelo who, in the 1500’s, before cameras, captured life on canvas, exerting an unparalleled influence during that time. He also mentioned the daring surrealist, Salvatore Dali, who was not accepted at first, but “broke the mold.”

Michael’s art repertoire includes sports legends, famous musicians, politicians, and celebrities too numerous to name. His signature wild color and dashing brush strokes are in portraits of Albert Einstein,The Beatles, Bob Marley, Bono, Jimi Hendrix, Clarence Clemons, Clint Eastwood, Dan Marino, David Bowie, and even the Pope to name a few. He also paints other meaningful subjects such as The Constitution, Blind Justice, The Statue of Liberty, and Jesus.

Separate Michael, the man from Michael the wild performing artist, and you have a very private person with heart and soul. “Decades of experience have gone into creating a unique charitable model,” he said, “to give charity beyond the dollars.” And give to charity, he does– in quiet volumes. His performances and art have benefited over 100 charities. He and country singers and songwriters,Toby Keith, Lee Greenwood, Lee Ann Womack and others have spent time with wounded soldiers. Michael’s “prize possession” is a painting that includes hundreds of signatures of homecoming wounded soldiers.

He has performed everywhere, from the deck of an aircraft carrier to a formal Presidential dinner; from a stadium with 70,000 people to a school gym filled with kids. Even more astonishing is that Michael has no one underwriting his charitable efforts, that is, no large sponsors paying his way. So, how does he give big shows and big dollars? His artwork always sells and yet, the world at large has not yet realized the full value of his work. At charity events, while Michael’s 5-minute paintings have sold for $250,000, bidders have also gotten the buy of a lifetime in supporting a worthy cause.

To address the buying opportunity mentioned earlier: Imagine acquiring “a Picasso” or “a Warhol” when prices were modest compared to the many millions they sell for today. Michael’s charitable initiative makes it possible to “steal” his artwork and do good at the same time. Perhaps investing in “a Michael Israel” now might compare to getting in early on a Picasso or a Warhol. As with other great artists, there is a tipping point when their artwork goes from modestly priced to princely sums. stb

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