Michael can paint anything!

The Show Collection gives you a tiny peek at what is possible.

Nearly everything Michael gets paint on is 

SOLD before the paint has dried…

Including his paint-splattered clothes! 


If an artwork you want is sold,

you can commission a new rendition at the price listed below.


Artwork can be purchased with or without a performance!

Performances can be booked with or without purchasing artwork!


"Steal" Art!

Login or register for MEMBERSHIP DISCOUNTS to receive pricing so low, it’s almost stealing!

ATT: Because Michael’s artwork is sold at live events and online it is possible an artwork labeled as available

might have been sold and not updated on the website. In such case, you can have a new original version painted.


Jimmy Mallia, President at Mallia Benefits, Inc. 

Steven Daiagi, who owns car dealerships and is a pilot.

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