Thank you France for Lady Liberty! - Michael Israel

Thank you France for Lady Liberty!

Thank you France for Lady Liberty!

A towering symbol of our way of life! Painting the Statue of Liberty never fails to unleash powerful emotions of pride and patriotism from audiences worldwide.

As she comes to life on the canvas, each audience member feels a visceral connection and experiences powerful emotions. Goosebumps rise and tears well in their eyes confirming, whether they are aware of it or not, that they identify with and hold dear her image as a source of stability and balance in their own lives. The ideals of Life, Liberty, and the American way reinvigorate their souls. Spectators come away from the experience with a clearer sense of purpose and resolve.

Lady Liberty poised, stately, enduring, and honorable, the symbol of freedom throughout the world captures our most precious hopes and desires and holds them close in her bosom. When she comes forth from the canvas, she will again lead the call against tyranny with Patrick Henry’s words “Give me Liberty, or give me death”. She will hastily assemble a collection of farmers, shopkeepers, bankers and blacksmiths to stand in the breach against the greatest army of that time defying logic and odds and be victorious in sweeping clean the shackles of oppression. She watches over us and sheds tears in mourning for the lost. She will rise up the step to the earned and unprecedented height as the symbol of justice and freedom throughout the world.

And she has never, ever, ever, extinguished her eternal flame. Liberty is an idea. Liberty lives, breathes, as the centerpiece of justice and righteousness for all who live in her shadow. Liberty will stand as the guard for free people to combat inequity wherever it is! When I paint the Statue of Liberty in all her glory, the culmination of these emotions resonate and engage the deepest feelings within the viewer. The emotions evoked from inside each spectator are truly a spectacle and confirmed by standing ovations that pour out from every able body in the room.

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