After Andy Warhol, 15min of fame is now 7min, 6-ft, and painted by Michael Israel. - Michael Israel

After Andy Warhol, 15min of fame is now 7min, 6-ft, and painted by Michael Israel.

A little tongue-in-cheek humor…

Obama added, to laughter, “I mean, you know, he had the taste not to go for the 10-foot version…”

Referring to a 6-ft Donald Trump portrait by Michael Israel a decade ago that is now getting global attention.

“After Andy Warhol, in today’s society, 15-minutes of fame is now 7-minutes, six-foot, and painted by Michael Israel.”

Michael Israel has been performing live art since 1974. Bringing his fast, flashy style of painting, “speed painting”, to the global stage. Michael has painted for them all; Warren Buffett, President George W. Bush, celebrities, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, and of course Donald Trumtrump-2016p.

The now-infamous Trump portrait was painted in mere minutes at Trump’s Mar a Lago estate in an effort to raise funds and awareness for HomeSafe – a charity serving more than 16,000 infants, children and adults in the Palm Beach Area who have fallen victim to domestic violence.  Melania bid $20,000.00.

trumpThe story should have happily ended there with protecting homeless and abused infants and children. That is until recently as Presidential candidate Donald Trump has come under the scrutiny of the media. The Trump Foundation paid for the portrait. This means if Trump kept it as a gift for himself, it would be an unlawful use of charity funds.  

Of the media, Michael says he was disappointed there was not more focus on helping the charity and responded on his blog.

When asked why he paints for charities, Michael said, “it’s simple, I can give more with my paint and canvas, than my pen and checkbook.” An understatement some would say, Michael has raised money for countless charities ranging from cancer research to the Special Olympics. He uses his art to motivate and inspire passionate support for important causes in America and around the world.

Michael  commented in light of recent events, “All of us in America could use some uplifting. We need less fighting among ourselves and more focus on America, and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all people. Let’s bring that message to Americans and to the world!”the-virginia-inaugural-black-tie-and-blue-dominion-ball-382

On a similar but separate note, we couldn’t help wondering if there might be a splash of envy in President Obama’s jesting about Trump’s painting.

Mr. President, you‘ll be happy to know Michael Israel had the honor of painting your portrait in 6-ft grandeur during the Virginia Inaugural Black Tie, Blue Dominion Ball held in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.  

For those of you wondering about the charity, Michael painted a new Trump portrait and donated it in support of Home Safe  here.

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