Kindness is Always a Masterpiece!

What if…

An artist could create art that inspired compassion for your cause so deeply,  goosebumps raise throughout the room, and your entire audience stood cheering with tear-filled eyes! 

What if…

A celebrity made the effort to help you secure more sponsors!

What if…

An artist was capable of creating artwork in minutes, so profound, people would fight to own it and pay as much as $250,000 to acquire a single piece!

What if…

The artist charged $0 ZERO to perform… and guaranteed you would have $0 ZERO out of pocket costs for travel or technical show production!


does all that and more…

CHARITies get HIS SHOW FOR free!


Travel and show production paid!


“His ability to translate the true meaning of our organization onto canvas was amazing. The work he spontaneously created on stage of original art pieces made the crowd go crazy. And drove fundraising dollars higher than ever before!”

Sherrye McBryde

Executive Director, The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Arkansas


Michael invests himself, his team, and resources into giving each program, only a handful can be awarded each year.

Find out if we can give your organization a program or artwork donation!

Great Art should do Great Things!

It’s one thing to have incredible artistic talent, the ability to paint in a style both unique and intriguing all the while creating an elaborate spectacle. It is an even greater feat to be able to use that talent to reach others and touch them in a positive fashion. 

Michael shares his good fortune and creative passion by focusing his energy where it can truly make a difference in the lives of others.

It takes talent to paint an iconic beauty such as Audrey Hepburn, but it takes vision and compassion to render humanity’s ugly truths in such a beautiful and poignant manner as to inspire action!

Your concert at the Lemieux Celebrity Winners Circle party last Friday evening was unbelievable. “WOW” was probably the most common reaction by all who attended. Your talent is nothing short of fantastic. I was fortunate to have made the successful bid. I plan to donate the portrait to The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh for the grand opening of their new building early next year. Thank you for the exciting event.

Anthony W. Liberati

Limited Partner, Fort Pitt Funds


Traveling to perform at charity benefit shows costs thousands of dollars that could go to the charities.

Rather than ask fans and collectors for donations, Michael gives something special for helping.

He has dedicated a selection of original works and prints, the Charity Collection,  and made them available at extremely modest prices to raise funds for traveling to charity benefit shows.

Even better, if you register for a free Fan Access Membership, you’ll get an extra 50% off the already low Charity Collection prices. If you are a registered Collector, you’ll receive an extra 65% off the Charity Collection.

Possibly it is Michael’s innate ability to delve into each creation, through movement and music that delivers a message more profound than any still piece of imagery could begin to convey.  To witness any of Michael Israel’s programs is to surrender to the energy, the exhilaration, and the unmitigated emotion generated by his unique style.  One must only experience his performance to realize that it is an emotional odyssey like no other, the result of which is a newfound insight into that particular cause, and it touches each member of the audience on a personal level.

Many of his signature pieces have become highly recognized, important images for a number of causes.  Including “Hero” a 9/11 tribute depicting a firefighter rescuing a frightened child that has millions of views, thousands of wonderful reviews, and is shown in schools, colleges, and universities.


Only a handful of grants can be awarded each year.

Find out if your organization is eligible for a program grant or artwork donation.

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